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Appraisal Services

Accolade Network, Inc

Online real estate appraisal ordering, tracking, and management system. Accolade offers commercial and residential services nationwide.
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Advanced Appraisal Services

Specializes in the appraisal of industrial, office, and retail properties in California and across the United States.
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All Area Appraisal Affiliate Network

National network of state certified real estate appraisers.
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B.C. Underwood LLC

Regional counseling and appraisal firm performing assignments throughout the eastern United States. Specializes in appraising complex property types.
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Chris Richardson Appraisal Service

Residential, commercial, land appraisals, appraisal processes, and reports.
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Great Plains Appraisal, Inc.

Full service real estate appraisal and consultation company serving areas in Nebraska and adjoining states.
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K Street Appraisal

Real estate appraisal firm approved by HVCC, FHA, Flagstar, and Provident.
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Miner & Silverstein Analytic Companies

Appraisal; target marketing using GIS; market segmentation and profiling; site selection; shopping center tenant mix; market analysis.
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Thos. Y. Pickett & Co., Inc.

Provides appraisals for ad valorem taxation and financial planning purposes. Property types include industrial, public utility, and railroad facilities.
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Simple online tool homeowners use to appeal their property tax assessment
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