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Addiction and Recovery

E-Z Quit

Quit smoking the easy way with reusable E-Z Quit smokeless artificial flavored cigarette cartridges.
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Green Smoke Inc.

Offers e-cigarette kits, batteries, chargers, and accessories.
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Lenair, Rhonda

Medical intuitive, energy healer and addiction treatment specialist.
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Network 12

Index of recovery stores and suppliers for those involved in 12-step recovery programs.
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Personal Improvement Computer Systems, Inc.

Selling LifeSign, a Stop Smoking and Chewing Tobacco aid, and DietMate, a weight, cholesterol, and hypertension control aid.
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Sex Addiction Recovery Resources

Specializing in recovery from sexual addiction.
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Smoking cessation seminar program. Self-study courses also available.
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State of Health Products

Resource for anti-tobacco products and information.
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Stone Gate Resources

Offering resources to deal with the problems of sexual addiction, affairs, pornography, and sexual misconduct.
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Interactive online smoking cessation program that includes educational material and a professionally moderated support group.
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