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Candle Boutique

Offers a number of varieties including unscented, floating, and votive. Includes potpourri, incense, and home decor.
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Candle Making Techniques

Illustrated candle making instructions, step by step projects, message boards, and free classifieds.
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Color Changing Candle

Offers a candle which includes chips embedded at the base of each candle which in turn produces a color variation while burning.
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Lets Make Candles

Provides instructions for choosing the right candle making wax, wick, scents, and molds, plus project ideas and answers to questions about the craft of making candles.
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The Candle Cauldron

Featuring project ideas, troubleshooting guide, decorating tips, a brief history of candles, and more for the avid candle enthusiast.
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The Candle Factory

Selection of pillars, votive, tealights, scented, jar, tin, and taper candles.
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Offers Trapp candles with gift wrapping.
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Way Out Wax

Offers hand crafted aromatherapy candles and related supplies. Wholesale catalog is available.
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